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This is what we are all aboutRuthless Spectator is a Comedy Entertainment Media website devoted to, well, all things comedy. We are your One-Stop Shop for all your comedic needs. We are certified 100% Cute Cat Video Free.* We operate on the principle that evolution wasn’t our idea, but any theory that has Donald Trump and Bubbles the Chimp swimming in the same gene pool proves that God has a sense of humor.

We are (in no particular order): ANDREW SMITH, former head writer of Saturday Night Live and the creator of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher; GARY GRANT, Talent Consultant and Representative; and JOE GUGLIOTTI, Managing Member of WORX, one of the top branding and digital marketing agencies in the country.

Our goal is to create a site where the comedic content would be more than just 15 second videos of people getting hit in the nuts with a golf club (although, you have to admit, that’s always funny). To help us to achieve this goal, we have enlisted the aid of some of the most well-known and respected comedy writers, comedians, actors and graphic artists in the business. Among them: Comedian, film, television, and Broadway actor ROB BARTLETT; actress and writer MEGAN SIMARD; actress and writer MICHELLE GOTAY; actress MANDY LEIGH THOMPSON; and Broadway stage actress CINDY MARCHIONDA. Our continuously growing list of cast members and contributors precludes us from naming them all here, but rest assured, they are not just expendable appendages.

With all of these participants helping to create comedy content in one form or another, we have been able to turn our dream of a new, more judgmental and cynical world, into the boldly colored, kinetic, shiny new website you now see before you.



Ruthless Spectator takes an unflinching, satirical look at pop culture. It features long and short form video, recurring webisodes, sketches, parodies, graphics and text. It's the brainchild of some of the most renowned comic minds from the world of television, radio and stand up who have combined forces to create a shrine to cynicism.

The Ruthless crew doesn't care about politics, social issues, or meaningful moments. Quick Translation: You won't find any kiss-ass, self-serving star worship here. Ruthless will entertain and turn a jaundiced eye on what passes for art, music, celebrity, and that revolting Elephant Man in the room known as The Media. Ruthless Spectator is the go-to destination for cutting-edge humor, envelope-pushing laughs.


Andrew Smith

Andrew’s job is to keep us laughing. The former head writer of SNL and The View, Andrew Smith is currently the head writer of Ruthless Spectator.

Rob Bartlett

The man, the myth, the legend. Rob’s a Renaissance man at Ruthless, serving as a writer, an actor, and a mentor. Rob’s prior credits include The Good Wife, Law & Order: SVU, and Imus in the Morning Show.

Gary Grant

Gary Grant is founder and President of Gary Grant Talent Associates Inc., a personal management company based in New York which specializes in comedic talent. He has worked extensively in the area of television, film, Broadway and personal appearances and is an Emmy award winner.

Joe Gugliotti

Ruthless wouldn’t exist without our founding members. Joe G. is a founding member, our producer, and a damn good cook who keeps us fed. (Because, ya know, feed the starving artists.)

Brian Klanica

Ya know how Batman is a watchful protector who takes care of things behind the scenes? That’s Brian. Another one of our founding members, Brian has been helping Ruthless to grow from behind the scenes.

Megan Simard

One of the Ruthless Women, Megan Simard started her acting career in theatre. Since then, she’s been busy keeping the Ruthless crew on their toes with her sharp wit and sense of humor.

Michelle Gotay

Michelle Gotay is one fourth of the Ruthless Women. When she’s not busy marrying people (yup, she can do that), she’s making the Ruthless crew laugh until they cry both onscreen and off.

Mandy Leigh Thompson

Mandy has been a performer all of her life, studying and teaching theater... so we clearly didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have such a talented actress join us as one of the Ruthless Women.

Cindy Marchionda

Cindy is a nationally touring actress with Broadway credits who joined the Ruthless crew playing Bruno Mars in “Uptown Trump.” Cindy has since joined us as one of the Ruthless Women.